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On June 12. 1954 I was born the second child of three (my eldest brother Peter, and the youngest Christian, by the way he is a founder member of the rockband Rockip) in Vienna.
Already in junior school I developed a very keen interest for music (visited the Vienna Sing and Flute School).
My first "gig" was at the age of 8, in the Wiener Konzerthaus (Choir concert with Viennas "Song Schools" and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra).
It was my parents wish that I visit the Gymnasium (a dark patch in my education).The only positive memory I have from this time was of my music teacher Kaprada, who supported me and taught me the ground rules of "harmony."
At the age of 13 I got drum lessons (classical: snare, kettledrums,....)
When I was 14, I discovered my brother Peter's guitar. I definitely wanted to learn the guitar and my mother sent me to the "Volks-Hochschule". A short intermezzo, because there you didn't learn The Beatles (my favourite at the time), but folksongs and guitar tuning. I decided to teach myself the guitar by listening to the charts at that time.
At 15 I bought my first electric guitar, a Hagström III , with the money I earned working during the school holidays, and formed my first band, Basena, which broke up within the first year.
At school in 1970, I met Pepo for the first time, who like me was just at the beginning of learning the guitar. One day he asked me whether I help out and play bass in his band, Gush (Pepo: git. Voc., and Otto Wagner: Drums). Their bassist had just left the band. I didn't just help out, with a borrowed bass, I stayed in the band. It was during this time I learnt Jack Bruce and Mark Clarke from the "musical side". This band remained until 1974.
In 1975 Pepo and me met Harry Fischer (who still played drums at the time). With him we decided to form a new band, Smiler.
Between 1978 and 1980 I played in the band Lipstick, with Hans Hölbinger (drums), Andy Ubell (git., voc), Peter Wucsits (Peter Roberts) (git., voc). And in 1980 Karin Raab joined the band (voc., piano).
In the middle of 1980 I left the music scene. After a phone call in 1995 from Pepo, asking me whether I felt like coming back and trying it out again with Smiler, I joined the music scene again. In the middle of 2000, Pepo left Smiler, and so we agreed to form this new band: TRIPLE UNIT.
Since May 2000 I also be a member of the Viennese bluesband Midnight Special.
From January 2017 to December 2022 Harry `El´ Fischer, Joe Knox Ducati and myself formed a new Band IN A BLUE ROOM.
In December 2022 I started in the Rockband Fallen Angel.