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Musicman Stingray MM30 fretless:
The "Youngster" of mine.

Musicman MM30 fretless

CLOVER Slapper long scale headless:
This bass is my favorite bass at the moment.

Picture come soon

WASHBURN Acousticbass AB20long scale:
An acoustic bass for unplugged, because you never know.

Washburn AB20

Amplifiers & Enclosures

HARTKE Model 3500:

HARTKE Model 3500

AMPEG Basscabinet BSE-410-HLF:

Ampeg BSE-410_HLF
Tuner & Effects

Korg ToneWorks DTR2-Racktuner

Korg ToneWorks DTR2-Racktuner

Oberheim GM400 incl. Footcontroller FC3000

Oberheim GM400

Oberheim FC3000

Korg ToneWorks Pandora PX3B

Korg ToneWorks Pandora PX3B